Maddie Aflame! The Truth About Combustion Syndrome

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img_5230Maddie lives in England, but not as we know it. Now being queer is illegal there, and a young person can suffer from an illness known as Combustion Syndrome. The trick with C.S., when it gets bad? Let out what’s inside, if you can.

Truth was, if Dad had fully accepted that I was queer, he’d have told me to hide who I was because my safety was always number one for him. That’s why he told me to avoid coming out about my Combustion Syndrome. But whenever I fought my flames and tried to keep them at bay, they only erupted twice as fiercely….

Suppress your flames, and they’ll only grow stronger. Let them out, and you’re likely to survive….

Hat tip to J.K. Rowling, who inspired me to write Maddie Aflame! — a Harry Potter type series, but with erotic scenes, for queer and/or sex-positive adults.

Maddie Aflame! (Book One: The Swallowing Mansion) releases in the first week of October, 2016. To receive updates about the series release, please join the Go Deeper Press email list. There’s even a freebie included.

Image: From the Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck

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