Trump Erotica – Go Deeper Press in Rolling Stone

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rs-erotica-donald-trump-4f7c7e45-3dcf-49b7-9915-f67ff7cb0be6Jake and I are deeply grateful to Rachel Kramer Bussel, who generously included Go Deeper Press in this fantastic article about Trump erotica — erotica that’s anti-Trump. Also included in the piece are Alessia Brio, Editor in Chief of Coming Together, Debra Hyde, and talented others, not to mention an awesome quote from the one and only Susie Bright. Our Jake Louder is quoted as saying,

We knew we wanted to do something in response to the Trump administration’s imminent destruction of all things not white, cisgender, male and heterosexual…

Read the full article here. It’s inspiring — especially considering it was released on May 4th 2017, when so many of us sex-positives and liberals heard the terrible news about TrumpCare.

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