Stepbrother Blood Lover Series

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StepBloodLover200Darren and Helene are desperate for one another, but being stepbrother and stepsister, they’ve always held back. However, now Darren has become a vampire he no longer needs to deny his desires. In their home of Lavender City, he preys on Helene, who is obsessed with the new, darkly dominant Darren. The taboo liaison she always ached for will finally be hers.

Once Darren has given Helene a taste of his carnality, she is completely hooked and can think of nothing else. Such is the sheer power of vampire orgasms. When humans climax with vampires in Lavender City, the highs are inexorably intense. Just one night with Darren and his dark, magical energy, and Helene is pleading to become his slave.

Little does she know that their orgasmic connection is so powerful that it can either save or destroy the entire city of Lavender—and maybe even the world beyond.


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