Shameless Behavior Anthology

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GDP06-Shameless_Cover2These erotic stories don’t hold back. Why? Because we are proud of sex. From a woman who self-harms and goes by the name “Cutter,” to a doctor whose gender is a deeply held secret, the characters in Shameless Behavior are having such powerful sex that it helps them overcome shame.

Edited by Lana Fox, and penned by a mixture of well-established writers and exciting new talent, these stories will confound anyone who thinks that erotica can’t be deep. And at Go Deeper Press, that’s just the way we like it.

Stories by Beth Wyatt, Lana Fox, Rion Woolf, Daniel Burnell, Laurel Isaac, Sybil Rush, Laila Blake, Sommer Marsden, Zöe More, Stella Harris, Axa Lee, and Kyoko Church.

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