A Gay Celebration of Whacky British Comedy, Sex Puns Included

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Horatio_Cover200Today, Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe by Oleander Plume launches at Go Deeper Press. Horatio Slice is hilarious fun — colorful, whacky, deliciously gay pornographic comedy in which the characters care deeply for one another, shag each other crazy, and transport us to outrageous worlds we’ve never seen before. The stakes are high, the laughs keep coming, the adventure is outrageous, the sex scenes are sizzling.

In celebration, I’ve decided to share a few video clips of old, British comedy shows that I grew up with — these also have gay characters or a queer fan base. All these shows now remind me of Horatio! The clips tend to include sex puns and references. It seems Horatio Slice has put me in a sex comedy mood! Thank you, Horatio. So, here we go….


1. Mr. Humphries, played by John Inman, was one of the UK’s first out gay characters on the screen. He appeared in Are You Being Served, which was fruity, trashy, and deliciously cheesy sitcom — plus, as a series, it delighted in sex puns. Bright and fey, Humphries worked at the Grace Brothers department store where the comedy was set, and was famous in Britain for announcing in a very high voice, “I’m free!”

2. Victoria Wood had a big gay following. A stand-up comic, performer, screenwriter, and more, she was known for making audiences laugh hard at the silliness of British life. Plus she was famed for the quirky characters she played with originality and downright genius. Here she is in a sketch with the inimitable Julie Waters:

3. ‘Allo ‘Allo! was a notoriously non-PC comedy set during World War II in a small, fictional, German army-occupied French town. Rene, the ever-complaining owner of a local cafe, is constantly trapped between the French Resistance and the German troops, both of whom demand his loyalty in the oddest of circumstances. The silliest, least intelligent characters are a pair of clueless British airmen. Whacky plots feature the forgery of an old painting called “The Madonna with the Big Boobies” and an erotic affair between Herr Otto Flick of the German Gestapo and his stocking-wearing assistant Helga, who fancies him rotten. Below, you’ll find a hilarious little example of Herr Flick in action. Warning: This is World War II humor that certain UK audiences disapproved of.

And here, also from ‘Allo ‘Allo, is a clip involving the hiding of a secret sausage of German importance – cafe owner Rene has been roped into the thickening plot, which involves, of course, the gay Lieutenant Gruber. Enjoy silly sex puns? THEN YOU MUST WATCH THIS!

4. Finally, because it’s the Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe release day (if you want Amazon, the page is here), here’s some very gay, very whacky fun from the USA … though it does feature an English vampire space pirate. Enjoy!

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