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Little Death, who sits by my keyboard.

Okay, so Oleander Plume and Dario Dalla Lasta, both of whom feature in our ACLU-fundraising erotic anthology Alternative Fucks, are organizing a cool blog trot … So I’m going to answer their questions, but not necessarily in the order they asked them — after all, that would mean leaving Little Death until last. (And folks, you can have a little death anytime you like! Just think of all those oxytocins.)

What is right by your side while you are writing?

Whatever else is sitting on my rather messy desk, Little Death is always there. Little Death (aka Le Petit Mort) is not only the French for ‘orgasm’ but is also a small, stuffed toy that Jake bought me at CVS when I was feeling low. Little Death sits by my side with his axe — he is death, after all — and looks cute as all heck. His axe, I like to think, reminds me to “kill my darlings” and basically not take any shit from my hugely critical inner writing voice. Also, seeing as I’m in erotic writing and publishing, it is pretty cool to have an orgasm on my desk. And yes, you can take that any way you like, cutie.

What group did you hang out with at high school?

All proceeds --> ACLU.I went to seven different schools, three of which were high schools, and believe me, I was always a misfit. Constant newbie = difficult times. My favorite group to hang out with, however, were at my final school, and the majority of them were from Indian families. We lived in Leicester — a UK city with a big Asian community — and I loved hanging round their houses, being shown Bollywood movies, and being taught how to say words like “bird” in Gujerati. I was also a terrible giggler, as was my friend K., and having now been a high school teacher myself, I am endlessly sorry for the fact that we guffawed our way through GCSE History lessons pretty much non-stop.

This made learning about World War II atrocities a little more tolerable.

What is your favorite movie and why? 

Well, I can’t choose one! I mean, come on, really? One? Okay.

Try, Fox, try.

It’s a tie — no seriously — between Some Like it Hot, Sin City II: A Dame to Die For, The Big Sleep, and Little Miss Sunshine.

Okay, four. Pretty good for yours truly.

Describe your dream vacation. 

Me and Jake on a balcony somewhere warm and dry and beautiful. There may be palm trees. There’ll definitely be a bed. And I will not be giving up chocolate for the week.

What is the dirtiest story you’ve ever read?

Depends how you define dirty! Maybe it’s a tie between Anais Nin’s true life encounter with her father in Incest, which is also surely the most powerfully, painfully, gorgeously erotic confession ever written, or Nin’s recently released Auletris, which is incredibly hot and forbidden. Auletris even rivals “The Hungarian Adventurer” for me in terms of heat.

(In fact, I wrote a piece called “L’Etalon” — which is French for “The Stallion” which is inspired by Auletris, and appears in this year’s A Cafe in Space ed. Paul Herron. Yes. Horses. I blame Anais. *wink*)

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