“It is also true that creation comes from an overflow, so you have to learn to intake, to imbibe, to receive, to nourish yourself, and not be afraid of fullness.”

–Anais Nin in A Woman Speaks 

I’m delighted to offer line editing and constructive feedback for writers of erotica, literary pornography, erotic romance, queer fiction, and sex-themed fiction or nonfiction. What’s more, if you’re an indie author who’d like regular feedback on your work, I’m often happy to help.

I’m more likely to be a strong match for you and your work if:

  • You have a keen interest in maintaining or developing your narrative voice;
  • You identify as a sex-positive writer, an activist, an inclusive writer, and/or a queer writer;
  • When receiving feedback on a story or book-length work, you value specific, positive feedback as well as focused suggestions for development;
  • Story flow is important to you;
  • Reader arousal (in erotica, erotic romance, and porn) is important to you;
  • You love your characters.

I include summative comments with every edit. These include feedback on what worked for me and where I feel the work needs attention. 

Still interested? If so, email me at info (at) To make sure we’re a fit, I do ask for sample pages before I’m able to accept a project. I will always give you a quote beforehand. I ask for payment upfront.