Anaïs Nin’s Auletris: A Long Lost Erotica Collection

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auletriscoverI was fortunate enough to read Anaïs Nin’s Auletris before its release, and let me tell you, it’s a delectable Bacchic feast. In Auletris, Nin has written deliciously forbidden, relentlessly hot stories that break boundaries and are truly courageous in the face of taboos. The heat in this collection does not let up and the language is so sublime that you’ll want to stuff whole paragraphs into your mouth. If you thought Delta of Venus and Little Birds were erotically inventive, you’ll be amazed by what Auletris has to offer. This is erotica filled with lush sensations, complex feelings, and cerebral genius. The work is so sensually alive that it’s hard to believe its superbly talented author is no longer with us.

Conversely, it’s proof that she still is.

I’m honored to discuss Auletris along with Paul Herron (the book’s editor and publisher, and leading specialist in all things Nin), Anain Bjorquist, Rose Caraway, and Jessica Gilbey. We had an absolutely wonderful and enticing discussion. Why not join us by listening to the podcast here (it’s the Auletris podcast with the “panel of experts.”)


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  1. Adrea Kore
    October 21, 2016

    That is hugely exciting. I adore Anais Nin’s work and she is partly responsible for all the mischief I’ve been up to since reading her over two decades ago. I can’t wait to listen to this stellar selection of erotic enthusiasts discuss this – and can’t wait to read her new book(s).

    • lanafox
      March 7, 2017

      Adrea, hello! I’m so sorry I missed your comment! Thanks so much — like you, I’m a HUGE fan of Anais Nin. She is certainly responsible for my beginnings as an erotic writer too. You’ll love Auletris, if you haven’t already devoured it!


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