Saturday, May 19, 2012

Susie and Aretha: Mother-Daughter Sex Advice

Susie Bright and her daughter Aretha give fantabulous sex advice about talking about sex within the family.  Take a look at this interview by Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon to see just how great they are.  Here's a snippet to tempt you:

Susie:  Sometimes I talk to kids and they tell me, “I have the opposite problem. My parents confide to me as if I was their little friend.” For me, that isn’t a healthy, sex-positive parental frame any more than being uptight and refusing to let a single word be said about it. Somehow, it’s the opposite but the same thing. A good parent says, “You can talk to me about anything and it can be in general terms. If you’ve got a physical problem and you’re uncomfortable talking, can I help get you to a clinic or a doctor that you would feel comfortable talking to?” Don’t get all hurt that they don’t want to tell you, just help them find someone that they can talk to instead of getting all sulky about it and saying, “You have to tell me everything or else I won’t help you!”

That sounds spot on to me!  Bravo, bravo.

And thank you to my wonderful A for the link.

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