Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doms Don't Have to Be Broken

This is a post-script to my review of Fifty Shades of Grey, which is now up at Glo Magazine. The thing is, I've been hearing folks talking about Fifty Shades as if all dominants are broken men and all submissives are innocent women.  And this just isn't true.  Period.  We mustn't let the plot elements in Fifty Shades stereotpye BDSM for us.  Yes, submissives are often women, and yes, dominants are often men.  But there are countless other kinds of BDSM dynamic.  

What's more, by no means have all dominants experienced a brutal past, and neither are all subs virginal and shy.  By no means do all doms use BDSM to deal with past trauma either, like Christian Grey in Fifty Shades.  Some of us simply enjoy pain and control, in terms of giving or receiving...or indeed switching.  Rather like spicy food, which is pleasant because it triggers the pain receptors in our mouths, BDSM is more to do with sex and lifestyle tastes than it is with painful roots.

That said, enjoy the read!

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