Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Very Own National Boob Day

Well, it looks like I missed National Cleavage Day on March 30th.  (See a great post on tinynibbles by Thomas Roche for more info and thoughts about the holiday itself).  But I did talk with my girlfriend on the subject of breasts!  Why oh why, we pondered, are small breasts so overlooked?  Back when I was at university, a friend of mine was a 32AAA cup (if I remember rightly), and my gosh, she was ludicrously sexy.  She could wear these little, strappy tops with nothing underneath, and you could often see the shapes of her nipples beneath the fabric.  Did she have cleavage?  Technically, no.  Did she have beautiful breasts?  Yes, yes, yes.  After all, there are as many breast-types in the world as there are opinions on the matter.

National Cleavage Day, I note, appears to be the brainchild of Wonderbra.  Now, let's remember, Wonderbra are biased.  So it's up to the rest of us to say that while cleavage can be fun as heck, so can smallness.

Well, thanks to the current explosion of porn and erotica, we are no longer restricted to certain body types on erotic film.  And this is why I give a big shout-out to Crashpad, who celebrate a rich array of shapes and sizes.

All considered, I vote we have a National Boob Day, too.  And we'll include all kinds of boobs, including small, big, round, flat, soft, firm, and delicate.  Women with breasts, men with breasts, and all who are between genders.  And breast suits too, for folks who want to wear a pair!

Let's sport our breasts with pride.

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