Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 21st Century Woman-Boss

Firstly today, do check out this lovely, snarky letter at McSweeney's:  "An Open Letter to the Tiny White Man the Republican Party Has Sent to Live in My Underpants."  Via tinynibbles.  Genius.

Also, thank you to the wonderful KJ for sending me Slate's gallery of "Sex and the Office: Evolving Depictions of Working Women."  Do check this out -- the cartoons and pics are a lot of fun.  But what are our stereotypes of "women in the office" today?  Picking up on the theme of this Slate gallery, the stereotype of the female secretary does still remain, and of course, given our social history of "women serving or helping men" this isn't surprising.  Grrr.  (And I know that many men are restricted by that stereotype too).  But things are changing.

So on the left, you'll find a nice depiction of a 21st century woman-boss.  She might well have a male secretary.  She might well have a female secretary.  My guess is that she has several secretaries of differing genders and identities.  These secretaries (or administrative assistants? my job-title knowledge is clueless) may even keep the whole company going, because we're beginning to understand that pay and job title have little to do with the importance of the work.  This woman-boss knows this, I think.

And sometimes, she wears flats instead of heels.

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