Saturday, January 14, 2012

Be Naked, Be Happy

From Violet Blue at TinyNibbles: "On January 2, Spanish retail clothing chain Desigual had a sale in its European stores where first-come, first-served shoppers could 'Arrive Half-Naked, Leave Fully Dressed.' They’ve held a number of these fun publicity stunts, where the first 100 shoppers to arrive 'in their smalls' leave with a free outfit."

What I love about this, apart from the obvious, (let's face it, I'm a crazed voyeur), is that everyone looks so darn happy.  Free and delighted and rebellious, like big kids at a party.  It reminds me of the bonding that happens when we get naked with one another, whether it's as friends, as lovers, as skinny dippers, as nudists, and feel that sense of community in our own skins.  Let no one ever tell you that there's shame in being naked.

Eve and Adam were happy before anyone put them down.

You can see more hot and delightful photos of the event at Buzzfeed (via tinynibbles).

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