Friday, May 27, 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

From the New York Times
I've been thinking a lot about what it means to come out lately.  These days, it seems there are many kinds of coming out, from assertions and revelations of queer identities to announcements of a sex-positive lifestyle.  I myself have come out as a writer of erotica, a sex columnist, and a sex-positive, pro-porn feminist.  When I came out as bisexual, however, I just started telling people.  I'd known for so long that I identified as bisexual that it didn't feel like a big deal...though of course, in truth, it was.  Owning my sexuality has made me feel freer, stronger and more creative, and has done wonders for my fantasy life as well as my sense of self-actualization.  It has also raised my self-esteem to know that I can be me in the world.

Anyway, take a look at a selection of quotes, articles and beautiful photos from the NY Times.  I'm still exploring the pages and have been impressed so far.

In what ways have you come out?  And has it helped or changed you?  How?

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