Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sexting with Jacob Louder
Jacob Louder’s literary porn novella, FIRST, launches tomorrow. Jake’s book is a radical porn utopia, and you shouldn’t read it unless you’re comfortable with young folks who are under the “legal age of consent” having powerful and connected sex with one another–sex that helps them to be and discover who they are. (Hats off here to Nabakov, who we pretty much idolize at GDP.) Anyhoo, I asked Jake to send me five texts–or “sexts,” if you will–explaining why he decided to write about kids having sex, in First. Here’s what he sent:

1. I’m continually impressed with kids who can identify who they are as sexual beings at such an early age. Even if they can’t identify who they are just yet, it seems like they’re more open to exploration and less consumed with labels. In First, I romanticized this idea. Everyone does what they want with people who want it, with no thought on the past or present. They all live in the moment. There is no shame. These kids are ideal human beings. If they were real, and if there were more of them–lots, lots more–the world could have the most loving, compassionate future.

2. I think I wrote First for me and for everyone else who came out young-ish in the early 90s. It was a completely different climate, with the HIV/AIDS crisis completely snubbed by the U.S. government, very full “closets” in almost every industry, city, and suburb, and not nearly as much representation in the media as there is today. There was no marriage equality. (I have to note, though, that in almost every way, my generation had it much better than the generations before me. I have to thank the love and fight in every single person, in every single activist, who ensured that my coming out and my young existence as queer wasn’t nearly as fucked up as theirs may have been.) At Nico’s age, I never thought I’d be happy with who I was. I thought that I’d have to figure out how to be heterosexual one way or another. I thought I was the only kid who felt the way I did. I had no role models (until I turned about 17 or so). So, Nico is the boy I wish I had been, living a very different life in a very different climate, and fully recognizing that love can be with anyone, as long as there’s honesty and respect. I’m living a bit vicariously.

3. Kids watch porn. Kids have sex. I’m sorry, Moms and Dads, but they do.

4. I think it was easy to write this young utopia because I see kids as being “romantically unblemished.” This isn’t to say that those of us over the age of 18 can’t live or don’t live like the characters in First. But when I think of wide-eyed openness and trust, I think of young humans, of anyone who hasn’t had their hearts ripped out of their chests, like most of us have, one way or another. It was important for me to have every heart on a sleeve. (Except for the case of Rory and John, but their “relationship” is another slice of life that I find kind of interesting to explore.)

5. I wanted to show young people as smart, grounded, and capable of significant amounts of kindness and intimacy. I wanted to show them as nonjudgmental and open and accepting of everyone and everything, as long as that everyone-and-everything are from places of love. I wanted to show them as better than us.

Thanks a million, Jake. I was so moved by your sexts. And folks, FIRST will be available on Friday 4/4/14. Can’t wait!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Porn Novella, FIRST, by Jacob Louder - Engage Brain, Engage Brawn...

Jake Louder’s FIRST is to be launched this April, from Go Deeper Press — and here’s the cover reveal. The cover, by the way, is by Go Deeper's talented Angela Tavares, who will soon be available for indie cover design services via our Here Booky Booky one-stop publishing shop (website soon!).

Read the opening of Jake’s FIRST here. FIRST is a porn novella, so, depending on your workplace, it may be NSFW. It’s hot and daring from line 1.

I'll announce when the novella is available for purchase. Also, join Go Deeper's email list for erotic news, freebies, and more, and you'll get a free e-book by yours truly. 

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Porn Stars at Duke, Sex Workers in Opera!

From the Sex Workers' Opera blog
Congrats to porn star Belle Knox for coming out. Knox, who paid for her Duke University law education by taking part in erotic movies, wants to help sex workers—possibly by starting a foundation. (And if that isn't great activism, I'll eat my garter belt.)

In the NY Daily News, Knox says, “I really enjoy sex, and I’ve always loved watching porn, so it just seemed like I could pay my way through college doing something I really love doing.” Read more here.

And what a great time to mention the Sex Workers’ Opera—a new and exciting project in London, that will give voice to sex workers via operatic performance. Talk about great activism that smashes cultural stereotypes! 

Oh, and by the by, if you'd like to read our activist erotic collection Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, starring fabulous writers such as Laila Blake, Sommer Marsden, Zoe More, and Stella Harris, among talented others, pop over to Amazon Kindle and purchase a copy. You'll tickle us pink, if you do!

Bravo to all.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Erotic Excerpt from Femme Fatale on the Raw Sex Blog

I'm honored that Alicia of the Raw Sex radio show has shared an erotic excerpt from Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women on the Raw Sex blog at 990WBOB. We were introduced via Tamsin Flowers' Supererotica blog (which is terrific by the way -- go check it out) and I so enjoyed being on Raw Sex a couple of weeks ago. Alicia is kind enough to say some lovely things about the excerpt she found via Tamsin -- the same piece she has now generously shared for you to read.

Thank you, Alicia!  

And folks, you can buy the Femme Fatale e-book at Amazon, B&N, or Go Deeper Press.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Erotic Collection Shameless Behavior is FREE on Kindle Today!

FREE until March 2nd on Amazon!

Yes, Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame is FREE on Kindle right now! If you download it, you'll receive 12 hot, pageturning stories, including my own story "Compassion's Seed." Here's an excerpt:

"In an instant, the bishop fell to his knees, crossing himself, whispering prayers, not daring to meet her gaze. He glanced down at her bare feet with their unpainted toenails, until, in a moment, her gown fell from her body, pooling around her ankles. Amazed, the bishop forgot himself and looked up at her body. She was gloriously naked, with a dark triangle of pubic hair and two breasts so swollen and perfectly round that the bishop’s poor sex throbbed. He could only gaze at her thirstily, adoring her shapely breasts with their hard, pink nipples and her slender thighs. She reached around to undo her ponytail and shook out her long, chestnut locks before sinking to her knees opposite him, giving a gentle smile." --Lana Fox

Shameless Behavior contains erotic stories by: Beth Wyatt, Lana Fox, Rion Woolf, Daniel Burnell, Laurel Isaac, Sybil Rush, Laila Blake, Sommer Marsden, Zoe More, Stella Harris, Axa Lee, Kyoko Church

Enjoy the free dowload!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Raw Sex Radio: Talking Erotica with Alicia

Alicia, the Sexual Intellectual
Tonight, on February 24th at around 10.30pm EST, I’ll be joining Alicia, the Sexual Intellectual, on the Raw Sex Radio Show. I’ve really been enjoying getting to know the show, so this will be a real treat. Check in to 990wbob or listen to the show any timeat the 990WBOB website to hear us chat about all things erotic—including erotic writing.

See you there!

Friday, February 21, 2014

FREE Erotic Giveaway: Shameless Behavior

On March 1st and 2nd, 2014 -- that's next weekend, folks -- Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, an erotic collection from Go Deeper Press, will be FREE from the Amazon Kindle Store for the first time ever. To learn more, and read Kyoko Church's erotica from the collection, check out Go Deeper Press.