Monday, January 5, 2015

Another Big, Shiny, Binary-Thumping Review of Jacob Louder's M!

Btw, also go order Oleander's gorgeous Chemical [se]X!

Oleander Plume is utterly fantastic. I can attest to this firsthand. So imagine how pleased I was to see her thunderingly awesome review of Jacob Louder's M! A snippet:

The heart of this book is M’s story, beautifully narrated by Nico, and the way he accepts every part of her without question made my heart melt. I wish everyone in real life thought the same way as Nico, that people are deserving of love and respect no matter what their gender identity. Every scene involving Nico and M is gorgeous and heart-breaking and so damned real, I felt they were a part of my life. To me, that is a hallmark of brilliant writing, if an author can make you care about the players in the story, you know you are reading something special.

Of course, I can’t review anything by Jacob Louder without mentioning the sex scenes, M is chock full of them, all written in Jacob’s inimitable style. Are they hot? Fuck yes.

Read the full review on Oleander's website, including a sexy excerpt from the novella. Oh, and by the way, you can pre-order M here. It's hot, binary-smashing, queer porn.


"A world in which sexuality, gender, identity, and relationships have escaped their binaries..." writes Danny Wylde

Jacob Louder's M is released this Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited.

Here is Danny Wilde's review. (Danny Wylde is author of awesome Come to My Brother from Queer Young Cowboys.)

"Jacob Louder's erotica is all about fluidity. His sex flows through the mundanities and simple wonders of life. The voice he lends to M is absolutely necessary in that is suggests -- with natural ease -- a contemporary world in which sexuality, gender, identity, and relationships have escaped their binaries and become a dynamic part of language and experience." --Danny Wylde, author of Come to My Brother

Pre-order M here. Let's read about hot sex and kick the binaries! And to read the first in the series, order FIRST. It's about as wonderful, sexy, and BRAVE as porn can get.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ella Dawson: "I’ll be blunt. This anthology fucked me up."

Folks, I'm stoked about this super-smart review of Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women from Ella Dawson. Says Dawson, "This fall has been all about the femme fatale for me, starting with seeing the head-trip that was Gone Girl. I need a regular fix of fictional female rage to keep my inner demons happy, and it was such a pleasure to read characters who might as well have it coded into their DNA. In Lana Fox’s imagination, everyone has a femme fatale inside of them—it’s the part of you that says, “I don’t give a damn what society thinks, because I’ve been hurt, and I’m done with that.” Femme fatales are more than dark, beautiful women existing for the sexual enjoyment of film dudes. They are forces to be reckoned with, often with a personal history twisted by patriarchal shittiness. Instead of letting pain boil them alive, they thrust it outward, owning the sex appeal given to them and using it to achieve their means. The femme fatale is a trope, but a slippery one."

Check out Dawson's fantastic commentary. She's really sharp on the subject. I'm honored.

You can buy Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women at Amazon, Go Deeper Press, or Nook.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Supererotica: Erotic Excerpt from CREAM by Lana Fox

So happy to be featured by Tamsin Flowers as part of her Supererotica Advent Calendar. Here's the opening of the erotic excerpt she has kindly posted. 

In CREAM, which will be released on February 1st, 2015, Caroline is a jazz singer at a smoky bar called the Cry River Club. In this excerpt, she is on the rebound from her true love and master Marcus Sir, and is currently dating a guy called Luke. That said, Marcus Sir sometimes attends her performances at the jazz club, and she’s hoping, desperately, that he’ll turn up tonight.

At the song’s finale, I turned, flashed the audience a smile, and sang my final line, before they broke into applause.

That’s when it happened. Marcus Sir arrived.

When I first saw him, he was wandering over to the bar, and saying a word or two to Shelley as he glanced my way. My heart was in my throat, fluttering there like a trapped sparrow, and by the time I’d launched into My Baby Just Cares for Me, he’d pinched himself a seat at a shared table. I could feel his stare following me, undressing me, as I sang. Those dark eyes traveled over me and I felt them all over my body—in the hollow of my throat, on my collarbones, my nipples, and lower, traveling through the core of me, right down into the soles of my feet. It was as if my skin instantly warmed wherever his stare touched me, leaving a palpitating heat, like the memory of a kiss. That stare of his was trained on me, intense, dark, and wanton. But the worst of it was, when everyone else applauded me at the end of the evening, several people rising to their feet, Marcus Sir simply watched me, only breaking his smouldering stare to knock back a swig of whisky before rising and heading for the door.

I was stunned at his rudeness. What the hell did this mean?

I was still upset about this when the last few fans were wishing me goodbye. Even when Luke had slung his arm around me and was showing me off to his accountant friends, I was trying so hard not to be mad with Marcus Sir.

How dare he refuse to applaud me? How dare he treat me with such disdain?

When Luke’s hand caressed my buttocks through the velvet, my body remembered how horny it was, and I knew I had to get him alone. That’s why…

[Read more at Tamsin Flowers’ Supererotica Advent Calendar, or subscribe to the Go Deeper Press occasional email list for a free mini e-book by Lana, and to receive more news about Cream’s release at the start of February, 2015.]

You can also read an interview between myself and Tamsin atGo Deeper Press, where we discuss her new, super-sexy erotic series, Alchemy xii.

Monday, September 22, 2014

An Interview About Erotica and Writing

Thanks to Amy Biddle at Underground Book Reviews for interviewing me about everything from the whys and hows of erotic writing, the launch of the indie author site Here Booky Booky, and my novel Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee! I really enjoyed the chat. An excerpt:

"Well, I felt a great deal of sexual shame when I was younger, and it caused me all sorts of problems. (Among other things, I was already well into my first marriage when I managed to face the possibility that I might be gay! That's what sexual shame can do to us, of course -- it can make us hide from our true selves.) I've also seen the lives of people I love absolutely ruined because of their fear of their own sexual desires and identities. I was fortunate enough, however, to come across Anais Nin quite early on. Nin's writings, particularly her diaries (like Fire: A Journal of Love, which is often extremely erotic) tapped me into the heart of a woman who knew that her sexuality was powerful and vital. It was like coming home.
 So, I began to enjoy erotica -- and I also found that I loved to write it. Sometimes…"
[Read more at Underground Book Reviews]

Sunday, August 31, 2014